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As seen in Doctor Strange (2016) This is the most faithfull recreation of every page, and detail of the Hero Prop seen in the MCU! Over 500 pages of Devangari, and Jaini Sanskrit, pages include those seen on and off screen. Hand Assembled to perfecting detail, get your magical copy today! Fit for your library or your trip to Kathmandu...


Please allow for 6 weeks for your Item to be Hand Made to perfection!


-500 pages of real Devangari, and Jaini Sankrit.

-Screen Accurate Embellishments, and Illustrations (The warnings come after the Spells!) 

-Brass and Molded Clasp

-Screen and Set Accurate


-Real Engraved Leather Cover.

-Cold Cast Brass, Aged Paper, Brass, Leather

-Hand Made in the USA

Doctor Strange's Book of Cagliostro Hero Prop

SKU: DSBC-2016
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