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 A clear Romulan Ale bottle measuring 10.5 in. tall and 3.25 in. in diameter. Constructed of clear acrylic cylinder with a tiered foot at bottom and a graduating cone of rings ending in a flat cap shaped top. Gold Romulan brand decal at front and a smaller decal printed, “Vintage 2283” below. Minor crazing to interior ringed portions of the top and bottom, and very minor chipping to the logo decal. 

Romulan Ale Bottle / Decanter

SKU: STWK-RAB-001138
$120.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
Only 9 left in stock
    • Made in USA
    • Made to Order
    • Hand-Made
    • Hand-Polished
    • 100% Acrylic
    • Silicone Stopper
    • 10.5" x 3.2 5"
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