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Although more elegant and futuristic than Kirk's chair on The Original Series bridge, the Enterprise-A captain's chair was the butt of a joke in Star Trek V when Kirk complained that "I miss my old chair."


A futuristic contoured armchair coverd with grey and black fabric with swivel base and simulated control panels on armrests, subtle painted aluminum-colored paint streaks simulate wear to finish. As featured as James Kirk's Captain's chair on the Enterprise-A Bridge in Star Trek V and VI, also appeared (in modified form) as Captain Sulu's chair on the Starship Excelsior in Star Trek VI and in "Flashback" in Star Trek: Voyager. 




Hand Fabricated from premium materials. This item is MADE-To-Order, please allow for 12-18 weeks due to current workload, supply chain shortages, and inflation of material costs.  Because this is a custom made item there are no refunds. However please contact us as we may be able to accomodate your needs better. 

TFF-TUC Command Task Chair

2 100,00$Prix
Hors TVA
  • -Ergonomic Lumbar Support

    -Articulated Ergonomical Headrest

    -Articulated Ergonomical Armrests

    -5 piont anti tip Ergonomical Base w/ casters

    -Suede Microfiber professionally  uphopstered seat. 

    -Spot clean only as needed. 

    -FX Lights & Sounds as seen and heard in Star Trek the Undiscovered Country. Color Touch Screen Panels (X2) Speakers (x2)

    -Made in USA





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