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A modern rethinking of the Burke tulip chair as seen on the bridge of the USS Enterprise on Star Trekthe Original Series.

There are two styles of chair available the 115 with no arms, and One 16 that has the arms as seen in Kirks quarters or sickbay,.


Fabric choices are as follows chenille simulated executive fabric which looks great as easy to maintain and care for and carries 1/3 the cost of the vintage red/gold on fabric supplied by Dave Arnold.


Black Vinyl

Black Leather

Made in USA.

2 week Lead time

4 week turnaround time.

swivel base

5 point Asphalt Gray anti-tip base/ with casters.

3 Decorative Triangles by Ralph Miller

Burke #115, 116 Officers Task Chairs

SKU: 1701-OTC-1154
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